Online and Offline Alert Notification

Alatpres ensures your Alats are delivered simultaneously in both online and offline channels to ensure everyone get the Alats.
Text- This allows offline recipients get notifications and never misses out on any critical Alat.
Mobile App- Users are able to send and receive Alats directly from the app and have access to much more features

Dedicated Mass Update Channel

Keeping everyone empowered with information on what is happening is one of the most effective strategies of ensuring safety in our society. Alatpres ‘Global Alat’ channel provides a channel for public safety agencies to share critical safety intelligence to the public such as severe weather patterns, criminal activities, natural disasters, power outages, pandemics etc. to ensure everyone is informed enough to keep away from any danger.

Downloadable and sharable Alat reports.

Detail report for every Alat can be downloaded in pdf and shared further to multiple channels such as email and social media channels to reach more people. Alat reports can also be downloaded for future reference.

Real-Time Reports & Insights

Using system Integrated Analytic tools, various users can generate both general and custom reports and insights useful for a pro-active and data driven approach to safety management.

Alatpres Integrations

Alatpres integrations provides for multiple, integrated applications that enhances communication capabilities to safety teams and access to a wide range of public safety services