The public safety challenges of today and the transformative change needed to achieve sustainable impact require collective action from multiple players. We are strongly committed to improving safety across Sub-Saharan Africa through working and enabling collaborations between state and local governments, first response agencies, civil groups, communities and other actors.


Creating a reliable response system is very dear to us. We believe in creating efficient communication channels and partnerships that assures fast, dependable and useful help during moments of distress. Our solution offers all-device, online and offline capabilities empowering everyone to be a participant in making our surroundings safe.  Through R&D we aim to continuously develop and improve solutions that offer total assurance of useful response during emergency situations within the most practical timelines.


We have a strong desire to impact our societies in positive ways that enable everyone to thrive through development of impactful and transformative solutions powered by tech that better life and make our environments more habitable


To us, Safety in its all varied forms is a basic necessity for every human being and business to thrive. Our passion is to enable safe environments through innovative solutions that promote both personal and corporate safety as well as safeguarding of public assets.


We know we can’t attain our objectives without good discipline and obedience to the call of our core values, regulations set by relevant authorities as well as the ability to address emerging issues that compromise our believes, customer rights & expectations and service delivery. We’ve subscribed  to high ethical standards and weaved it into the very fabric of our processes and systems by adopting agile data governance systems , employing cutting edge privacy tools ,fairness while looking out for our users and partners best interests to cultivate long term trust and excellent service value delivery.