These are the industries we intend our solution to serve. It can be represented as a scroll-down list with short briefs described below.

Mass market.

Bringing total public participation and engagement in public safety is our top priority. Our easy to use and accessible to all solution makes it hustle-less for every citizen to subscribe empowering them to share any personal and public safety/emergency concern around their environment to local residents and authorities prompting quick response to every critical event when every second counts.

State and Local governments.

It is in our DNA to work with key stakeholders in public safety through a collaborative approach. Government through its various agencies and departments stands to be one of our strategic partners. We intend to synergize government efforts in magical ways that bring more reliability and efficiency in management of public safety through enhancing preparedness & response during acts of terrorism, natural disasters, active shooting, and other distress situations that compromise citizens’ safety. Through a crowdsourced safety and alerting model, our platform promotes protection of key government installations and public infrastructure from misuse and vandalism by facilitating prompt reporting to authorities.


 Keeping learners safe and stakeholders promptly informed on every critical event  is the number one priority for every  learning institution today. Our solution is engineered to ensure student, staff and visitor safety in learning institutions by keeping the whole institutional community connected and on the know of every situation in a reliable way. We aim to power safe learning environments critical to every institution. The solution is designed to allow several use applications such as incident notification & management, communication of unexpected events such as closure, strikes and delays, communication of school events and delivery.

Real Estate

We help property and residential managers as well as gated communities manage and keep tab on the safety of their clients, Residents and Assets.


When a critical situation or event threatens the safety of your employees or continuity of your business, having a fast and reliable emergency management system that ensures everyone is promptly notified and response teams are swiftly reached can make all the difference in such times.   Our solution promotes a safe working and business environment to organizations by bringing total connectedness of all staff by empowering them to proactively respond promptly to potential risks using generated insights and as it is happening around their working environments. Employers and business owners can easily monitor the safety of their staff.



We power quick reporting and coordination of life-threatening medical situations to improve patient/victim safety. We accelerate medical response through fast reporting and dispatch of medical help.

Public Safety

It doesn’t matter how remote your team is. With Alatpres we ensure reliable communication, coordination and collaboration between your team and the community in real-time enabling faster reporting and situational awareness while at the same time optimizing the teams operational efficiencies.