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In recent years, there have been numerous threats to public safety in Kenya ranging from armed robberies to terrorist attacks. This has affected many organizations and also exposed the vast gaps that exist when it comes to emergency communication. 

Therefore, every business must have a proper public emergency alert system activated in emergencies to provide real-time alerts and notifications

Such a system needs to incorporate the latest technology, which plays an increasingly critical role in the fight against crime. There is a common misconception that such a system is expensive, but this is not the case. 

If anything, you cannot equate money with human safety. Remember, emergencies should be treated as a matter of when and not ‘what if.’

So what are the benefits of having an emergency notification system for business? 

  • Increases Notification Efficiency

The speed at which you can communicate with as many people as possible during an emergency can make a big difference in the outcome of the situation. 

Therefore, having a system that can communicate automatically and simultaneously with lots of people can help save time and allow faster response to the emergency. 

In addition, emergency notification systems usually have notification templates created in advance that can be retrieved easily in an emergency.  And with the task of sending emergency alerts taken care of, the emergency operations staff will be able to concentrate on other essential tasks. 

  • Offers Multiple Channels of Communication

Can you imagine what would happen if, during an emergency, your only channel of communication fails? It would have disastrous consequences. Sadly, this is not an imagined scenario but a real possibility. 

Fortunately, you can avoid it if you install an emergency alert system in your organization as it will enable you to send emergency alerts across multiple channels simultaneously. 

This is beneficial because even if one channel or link fails, the other alternatives are still functional. Also, with such a system, you can communicate with all the people within your organization irrespective of the mode of communication they prefer. 

Examples of communication channels available on emergency alert systems include android mobile phones, emails, short messaging service, social media, push notifications, public media, and other channels that may be designed specifically for your organization. 

  • Can Be Customized For Other Uses

An emergency alert notification system can do more than just send alerts during emergencies. It can be integrated into the internal systems to help you perform other tasks. For instance, it can be used to communicate quickly and reliably with your employees and other stakeholders both within and outside your organization. 

The emergency alert system can also be used by the organization’s human resources department to send work-related information in real-time. It can also be used to create lists and directories, schedule impromptu meetings, issue reminders, and any other relevant information. This will enable you to maximize it and offer a more significant return on investment.

  • Facilitates Two-Way Communication 

An emergency alert system allows information to flow both ways; from the system administrators to employees or public members and vice-versa.  

This is essential because, during emergencies, it is not only the system administrators who have critical information to communicate; sometimes, even your employees and other people on the other end of the system can have valuable information they would like to share. 

For example, they can access videos or photos that provide crucial details to first responders and emergency services personnel. 

Thus, the 2-way communication channel allows other stakeholders to respond to the alerts, make observations, and ask questions. This way they feel valued and empowered in case of an emergency. 

  • Enhances Preparedness for Emergencies

Installing an emergency alert system is not the end. If anything, it is just the beginning when it comes to preparing for emergencies. Because the system requires to be tested regularly to ensure that it is working, the people in your organization will have an opportunity to practice exactly what they need to do when it is activated. 

An emergency notification comes with a testing protocol that outlines the procedures to be followed when the system is activated in case of an emergency. Remember, preparedness is critical during an emergency, and if you are prepared in advance, it becomes easier to deal with an emergency. 

  • Fosters Teamwork in Emergency Response

An emergency cannot and should not be a one-person or one-team effort. It requires cooperation from different people within and outside the organization. 

Installing an emergency notification system for business provides you with an opportunity to set up other teams from within the organization that can work together in the event of an emergency. All these teams play distinct roles. 

And since the management and success of an emergency notification system require input from different departments in the organization, it creates an opportunity for collaboration and teamwork. This comes in handy when a crisis strikes.  

You can have teams drawn from the top management and departments such as IT and communication working together so that you are assured that the organization has enough human resources to handle the situation in the event of an emergency.

  • Can Be Used to Audit Emergency Response

After an emergency has been resolved, the system can generate an online report to show the results of emergency communication. Such a statement may contain information on who received the alerts and how they confirmed the notification. 

This information can be utilized to develop a better response procedure and enable administrators to refine the system to make it more efficient for future emergencies.

Key Takeaway

The welfare and safety of your employees and stakeholders matter a lot. Therefore, installing a mass emergency notification system should be a priority for every organization. In addition to facilitating effective communication during emergencies, the system can still be used for other internal and external functions giving you value for your money. 

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